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1st-2nd year

Don't have health benefits?  That's what are student therapists are for! 

Our student therapists are not registered so you can not bill the receipt to your insurance company. However for a 60 minute massage it is only $35 instead of the regular $100!

Not only are they helping you but you are also helping them become one step closer to being registered! 


Danica is currently a second year student. Specializing in therapeutic massage to help release aches and pains.

Danica Kuryliw

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Tiffiani is currently done her practicum for second year and is still massaging as a student until June 2023!

Tiffiani Lambert

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Claudia is back and doing her second year practicum with her schedule open every Wednesday!

 Claudia Samoilov

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Maribel is in her first year of school, focusing strictly on relaxation massages. her schedule is open every morning from 9:15-10:15am!

Maribel Velina

Student Practitioners: Testimonials
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